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Monday, May 2, 2011

Stake Land- Jim Mickle

     Nun rape, baby eating and Danielle Harris prego.  This movie is basically my bucket list.  A follow up from the man that brought us Mulberry ST.  It's like The Road fucked Phantasm and Near Dark sat in the love pile it created and got pregnant from it.
     Desolate and empty and bleak are just three words that spring to mind.  After this movie you  will never see the glass half full again, even if you do you will pick it up and crush it with your hands pushing glass all into your body until blood runs out and opens a gateway to hell just because you know it is not half full and there is no point in trying to say it is. Seriously though this movie while being insanely bleak is also bad ass.  The Vampires will rip your face off and drink the blood out of your asshole.  They are not fucking around.  Stake Land is intense and dark while still being entertaining and brutal. The characters are interesting and very likable and you feel like you know them and could tell them about that time with your uncle in his "special van."  I mean you are that close with them.
     Jim Mickle has created something special here.  It may not be perfect but it is a nice addition to the vampire genre and its exciting to have a vampire movie with vampires that don't just write poetry and molest teen girls.  I assume this is a film that will get better with age.  It's like a fine wine that will bite your fucking face.



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