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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Scream Park- Cary Hill

Scream Park is a new slasher film put out by Wildeye Releasing. A company that I have been pretty happy with in recent times. Sure they have had a few less then stellar releases, but overall they have put out some pretty fun genre fare.

The film starts, and you instantly know that you are in the hands of lovers of the slasher genre. The opening credits are an homage, pretty much to the point of theft, of the early Friday the 13th Films. The font, the title card, the music. It bleeds Jason.

Once the film actually starts we are greeted with an intro that had me feeling like I was watching a Soul Asylum video, or at least some nineties alternative rock special on 120 Minutes. A quick montage of the park including scenes of roller coasters and games. Was I watching the sequel of Adventureland? Only with more blood? One could hope.

The basic story is that the park is on its last leg, and needs some financial help stat. It is closing, and it looks like nothing is gonna change that. The employees convince the manager to let them throw a party in honor of the park. The girls use their breasticles to sway him their way. Of course it quickly becomes a place where teens can drink, smoke, fuck, and take drugs. Growing up in the eighties, I instantly know this means these kids are on the verge of death. Sure enough not long after the first few pulls off a bottle, or thrusts into a vagina, the killers show up to save the morals of the American teen. Or just because they are sick, or there may be more to it. I will save that for your viewing pleasure.

At its core Scream Park is another slasher film similar to the thousands that saturated the market in the eighties. It is also an homage to those movies, and as a lover of those films no matter how over saturated. I always welcome a good slasher into my life. They may be simple, but it is generally a good way to kill a couple hours.

Doug Bradley of Hellraiser fame has a small, albeit important role. The effects are brutal, effective, and fun. Just the way I want them in a slash 'em up fest. The Blood flows, the tops come off(at least one of the), and it captures that sleazy eighties feel pretty fantastically. The Killers are pretty effective, and the music fits perfect.

This is not a genre changing film. It really has nothing new to offer, but if you aren't interested in changing the world just yet, and just want a fun throwback to a time where all you needed was a couple of creative kills, a girl who will take her top off, and buckets of karo syrup.....have I got a film for you.

The DVD comes with few special features. Nothing to blow your mind, but if you're too intoxicated to get up and switch the disc there is a commentary track, some trailers, and a blooper reel.

Film 3/5
Disc 3/5


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