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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Killing Games- Barry J. Gillis

New Barry J. Gillis film is all I had to see to become instantly excited. I, however did not know what to expect. So I will give you a miniscule idea, without spoiling of course.

Dirty Jesus and Son of Satan are just a couple of serial killers. They find a couple who are making the fuck, and rape and kill them. Two girls witness the crime, and record it on their phone for evidence. This was a mistake as our serial killer friends catch them and ruin their day. One barely escapes, and goes home to her dad, Birdman. He has just finished a party full of drinks, and spiritual montages, so he is tired. He awakes to his daughters screams, and has a decision to make. Go all Charles Bronson and avenge his daughters near rape, or have a drink and enjoy some more spiritual montages. This is the set up. It is setting you up for a bizarre, unnerving, confusing journey. One that if you are a sick fuck like me, will enjoy.

Barry J. Gillis has created a pretty unique film here. It has the heart of some of the greatest independents. Waters, Warhol, Herzog, Korine, Kern, even Guiseppe Andrews. It also has the brutality, and splattery goodness of SOV greats like Wally Koz, Tim Ritter, or Kirk Alex.

 It may have some technical flaws, the acting may be it bit overboard, hell I think the drug dealers took acting lessons at the WWE, but that does not take away from the fact that this film is an effective, entertaining piece of celluloid, or should I say DV.

Brutal at one moment, hilarious at another. The gore is flowing heavy, and some truly gruesome moments are forced on your retinas. Son of Satan and Dirty Jesus are a terrifying duo of grotesque bastards. Right up there with Micky and Mallory.

If you want something different in your viewing diet. Something that may not follow standard film conventions, and isn't afraid to sacrifice a little bit of quality for passion. I highly recommend this. Although you may want to cue up  an episode of Pound Puppies, and draw a hot bath, because you are definitely going to need a good cleansing of mind and body.

The Killing Games hits many online platforms for rent April 22. Click here for more info.



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