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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Horror Show- James Issac

     This movie is so underrated.  It was marketed as House 3 which isn't a bad thing as I love the House movies.  It however like Halloween 3 has nothing to do with the franchise it is named after.  The thing is, it doesn't matter.  Think of it as House 3, think of it as The Horror Show a complete stand alone film, think of it as your moms mangina.  It doesn't matter this is pure 80's gold. It is so much gold you could make a back up pair of dentures for Lil Jon.
    Frank Black(not from the Pixies) has some dreams, in this dream a scary ass dude with a skullet has a cleaver that can cut threw anything, it's like the Ginsu of cleavers.  Anyways he wakes up and somehow this dude has actually drawn blood. I wonder how, oh yeah because Jim Issac has Seen Nightmare on Elm St.  Dr. Jarret now goes off to see mc skullet get the chair.  The movie now twists into Shocker as Issac also saw that craven movie. Now Ed Harley is a little freaked and starts going a little nuts. His family is concerned but they love him.   Bishop is eventually expected of murder and he has to save his family.  That is the basic synopsis.
      This movie owns as much as the white man owned Kunta Kinte.  KNB serves up some amazing effects.  The electrocution, the pregnancy, and the fucking turkey. Blood Freak would be jealous. This movie takes everything amazing about the 80's and rolls it up into a dumpling.  Now that you know about Bai Lings aborted fetus lets get back to the horror show.
     No, I mean it. Go fucking watch it.



Gabe Nye what do you think?  I just wanna point out that your thinking is a bit off as you state that House 3 has nothing to do with the first 3 House movies.   Your science may be tight but your math is not.  I revoke your mathlete status.

     Fantastic movie, absolutely great entertainment. Sure, it has nothing to do with the first three House movies, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a lot of fun to watch. You’ve got Lance Henriksen versus one of the crazy replicants from blade runner, some really mind blowing special effects, and a surprisingly original story. If nothing else, you need to see the turkey scene, absolutely top-notch. Not a whole lot else to say, but if you’ve held off on watching this one just because it’s a “part III” or because you couldn’t find it, you’ve got no excuse now. I’ve told you it’s awesome, and you can stream it through Netflix. Watch it now, even if you’ve never seen the first two House movies, and thank me later.


Gabe Nye the Science Guy

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