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Friday, November 12, 2010

Enter the Void- Gasper Noe

     I have been waiting for this for a long time.  After seeing Irreversible in 2001 I couldn't wait to see what he would do next. It wasn't to long after I saw Irreversible that I started hearing talk of a new film then jump ahead a Christ age and a half and we finally get Enter the Void.  It has been playing here for two weeks and due to scheduling conflicts and other factors(Alcohol) I just finally made it out tonight, which is good as it was the last showing in town.
     I'll set a mood for you of how my evening panned out which definitely added to the experience. I woke up this morning and it was so fucking cold my balls had retracted into my throat.  I grabbed a blanket turned on the TV so I could catch up on my stories.  I then went out for a cigarette which did not help the cold situation at all but was a risk I was willing to take. It took me about 4 hours to finally get my body temperature back up to at least what is normal for me. I spent my day watching my stories(Ugly Americans, The Walking Dead, South Park, among many more) and then sat down to enjoy the special features on my Anti-Christ disc.  Chainsawdomy got home from slinging discs all day so we made some food and set out on our journey.  It was of course raining because that is what it does for the next nine months we were blasting Fall of Efrafa's Elil and making our epic journey.  We found parking, walked down to the theater and as luck would have it got in early and for free thanks to a good dude we ran into.  We then go into the theater and they are blasting Julee Cruise's Floating into the Night which definitely sets the mood very nicely as I assume I am about to get raped in the brain. We grab our seats and at first they seem great until a bunch of fucktards start crowding in. I got stuck next to this smelly ass mother fucker who didn't agree with the fact that my coat needed its own seat. I told him it did but got sick of the drunken gaze he gave and caved and let him sit which wasn't the best move as he smelled of butthole.  Take a shower people. It was finally time, after years of anticipation I was finally here.  I knew in the next two and a half hours my brain was gonna feel all kinds of things. Kind of like a school girl who falls in love, gets one of those do you like me yes, no or maybe notes and is having the time of her life and feels as everything is right in the world and then bam, she is raped by 74 crazy methheads. 
    Well now that I accidentally included my journal entry for the day I will move onto the movie.
Gasper Noe has set himself a place as one of the most innovative filmmakers alive. His angles and edits are so mind blowing.  Enter the Void is no different, some of the shit he pulls off here will blow your fucking mind apart. You know it right from the opening credits that basically drill it into your head in what might be the most in your face credits you have ever seen, you know right from then that Noe is not fucking around. He wants to get to it even at the risk of giving half of the audience a seizure in the process. We now are in an apartment with a brother and sister, this is totally done P.O.V.  not the P.O.V. I am used to as there are far less choking and gagging sounds. Right from the start though you are Oscar, you feel what he does, you see what he does, I think I may of gotten high with him as well I'm not sure but it kind of felt like it. William Castle would be jealous. Anyways I feel that this was a very good choice on Noe's part and definitely helps establish mood he is setting. Now for the rest of the hundred and fifty minutes we are on this journey with Oscar and can't escape if we want to.  I will stop at that as you must take this journey yourself as it is a way better ride if you don't know what is about to rip you apart.
     Enter the Void is a long and tiring ride but one that everyone should take.  It takes you on a range of emotions, it makes you sick, it makes you laugh, it makes you jump.  Is this a perfect movie? No, but damn close. Is this better than I Stand Alone or Irreversible? At this point I would say no but with more viewings I may change my mind. I doubt it but this does deserve your attention. It is a long ride, my ass hurts bad. I don't know if my ass has felt this much pain since that time at summer camp but that's what those ass donuts are for. 

That may be my longest and often quite off subject review yet.  I channeled my inner Vern. 



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