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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trollhunter- André Øvredal

     Found footage movies have been pretty fucking over saturated since Paranormal Activity. Most of the time they are a one time watch.  Cannibal Holocaust is the best found footage movie and is missing the credit it is due. Blair Witch gets it all. The first time I saw Blair Witch it scared the shit out of me. Now it is kinda lame.  The August Underground movies are the new classic found footage movies in my opinion. This is all pointless drunken back story.
     Trollhunter is kind of a slow start.  I get kind of bored with the shaky video footage bullshit. I can ignore all that because these  trolls are so fucking rad. Its like Fraggle Rock if they ate more bitches and hated Jesus Freaks.  Love it.
     Norway has sweet Black Metal and Santa story's . Now they can add awesome Troll movie to their list. Way to go Norway.



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