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Friday, June 24, 2011

From Beyond- Stuart Gordon

     The man that brought us Re- Animator, Dagon, Castle Freak and of course Honey I shrunk the Kids uses some surprising source material with an H.P. Lovecraft story(that's sarcasm).
    Gooey, gory, slimy and sexy this is a perfect example of what makes the 80s so amazing.  Jeffery Combs and Barbra Crampton reunite after Re-Animator and this time they are joined by Ken Foree. Ken Foree is tuff as shit in most movies, not in this. He acts like he is but then he goes down like Macaulay Culkin and I don't mean like that one time at MJ's house I mean like Wu Tang....Killa Bees. Aside from that this movie is bad ass and should be watched by all.



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