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Monday, October 26, 2009

A Perfect Getaway-David Twohy

What a perfect Piece of shit. This guy has made some decent Movies. Pitch Black was Surprisingly good for a Vin Diesel movie, Below was bad ass, this however is far from anything even resembling a good film. I love Milla, but even she cant save this shit Bubble. Even if she had gotten Naked(which she didn't by the way) This still hurt my brain. This has possibly the dumbest shock/twist ending since the first Saw movie. If you are going to have a shock ending please make sure the rest of the movie matches up with it. You cant just decide like hey this is shocking fuck the rest of the script, no one will notice, I'm fucking drunk and I realize it doesn't fucking make sense you stupid mother fuckers. Thank You M Night you have bread a new generation of Fucktards who thinks a shocking ending saves a shitty movie.



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