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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tromeric's Top 500: The Final 50


This is one of my favorite looking movies. I can always put this in, and instantly be hooked. The story, the acting, the look. They all excite me. 


I saw this in the theater opening weekend. I shit. I still shit when I see it. The atmosphere is thick, and I love getting lost in it. 


Some of the most beautiful slashing, also my favorite score by Goblin. Getting to drunkenly dance to it in person is a highlight of my life, that won't easily be topped. 


It may be cliche to have Psycho as your favorite Hitchcock film, but there is a reason for that. 


Holy fuck! This movie! Easily my favorite Jarmusch flick. 


There are things in this movie that blow my mind. The milking  being high on that list.


In all honesty I wasn't a huge fan of this the first time I watched it. Something that still bothers me. I must have just been in a weird spot. I finally revisited it, and fell so in love with it. It is one of my favorite scores, and the opening credit sequence gives me chills every time. 


The dialogue is this traps me within minutes. If it comes on, I can't turn it off. Godard is hit or miss with me, this is the biggest hit. 


Often considered the most disturbing film of all time. Something I don't agree with. If it wasn't for one scene, it wouldn't get the reputation it has. Take that scene out, and it is beautiful. Sure, it will still rip your soul out, but baby rape is what really makes people talk. Well played sir. 


Ernest! I love and miss you. I can't go a Christmas without watching this. 


This came out around the same time as a whole grip of war movies, that were action packed. I think people expected that with this. It is definitely not. Like all of Malick's film. It is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. 


I have always loved the book, and the movie for this. It is easily to identify with the greasers. It is beyond crazy to watch it now, with the success that most of the cast found. Easily one of the most addicting movies out there. 


This is a love it or hate it film. Not many seem to be indifferent to it. I of course love it. I love Korine, and think this is his most accomplished film. The Brittney Spears montage is possibly the greatest montage in history. 


So there is this movie about a donkey. It is the one of the most interesting films I have ever watched. I can't look away. Those are things I never assumed I would say, until I saw this. 


Wim Wenders masterpiece. A road movie like no other road movie. 


Any movie that makes me feel like I am on LSD, without actually being on LSD is going to become a favorite. 


Uncomfortable, and beautiful. People fuck the earth, incest, abortion, Jesus gets a golden shower, while naked woman take the definition of communion to a whole new level. Of course I love this. 


People think the nine minute rape scene, or the face bashing scene are the most disturbing parts of this. I feel that it is the ending, when you realize it's the beginning. That is what crushes me. You have a moment of it being a happy ending, until you realize the fucked up chronology of it, and reality kicks in of what's to come. That and how fucking beautiful it is.


The look of death that my two friends I brought with me to the theater gave me when this was over is something I will never forget. The whole theater was silent, my friends wanted to kill me, and I had a cinema boner. 


The slow motion eye gouge, a zombie fighting a shark, and an amazing score. What else do you need to know? 


Von Trier is a pretentious fuck. I love him. This movie tears my soul out in ways I wasn't aware of. 


I love badass woman. There aren't many more badass then these babes. They will crush you. 


My favorite modern American horror film. Definitely not straight horror, but fits for me. The Freebird ending owns my soul. 


I love the whole world Waters created for this. So gross, and awesome. 


Lynn Lowry is one of the sexiest woman in horror. She was also one of the nicest when I met her at a convention. Even without that, this movie is so good. Slugs that make you sex crazy. Cronenberg does things to me, that I can't explain. 


Laura Dern should have one an Oscar for this. I was lucky enough to be at the premiere for this, and it blew my mind then, and has since blown it over and over.


Trains and shit eating. Sold. 


Holy shit Kinski kills it in this. So fucking beautiful. 


Like a pretentious science documentary. The score is phenomenal, and the feeling it gives me is indescribable. 


Hearing Herzog talk about Dirty Harry as poetry is one of the greatest things I have ever experienced.


One of the movies that got me into movies. A classic in every sense of the word, that could also fit in with other gritty New York sleaze such as Combat Shock, or even Maniac. 


Soul shattering to say the least. Willem Dafoe helped Cannibal Corpse write a song once. 


The juxtaposition of some of the most shocking things put to celluloid, with the most beautiful score known to man is probably my favorite thing about this. That, and when I took my mom to see it the guy next to us puked. She called him a sissy. My mom is more bad ass then you dude in a Mayhem shirt. 


Divine has the best speeches in this. 


Some of the craziest shit I have ever seen. So ahead of its time. 


Not many things in life make me as happy as this movie. The troll is so fucking terrifying, and goddamn I miss Jim Varney. 


The movie that got me into movies. At least as an art form. I loved them before this, but this made me pay attention to directors, and actors. It made me seek out things based on things other then how gory the cover was. 


The bathtub scene is one of the scenes in cinema that makes me cringe the most. Nothing really happens, but it grosses me out in ways I can't describe. 


Probably the movie I have seen the most times. When I first saw it, I was on a mission to figure it out. I would watch it, rewind it, watch it, rewind it. You get it. Robert Blake scares the shit out of me. 


Booooooyyyyyyyy! So dreamlike, and awesome. The Tall Man is such a bad ass, and the score gives me chills. 


I will never forget the first time the ending of this punched me right in the dick. 


Frank Booth is one of the most terrifying villains in film.


The monster in the Winkies alley is so goddamn frightening. Like most of Lynch's films, this gets better each time I see it. 


The effects still hold up incredibly well, and Debbie Harry. Long live the new flesh. 


Probably the most beautiful ending in any film ever. With that said, most of the film is devastatingly terrifying. 


Holy shit! The colors in this have never, and can never be topped. That along with one of the greatest scores in cinema history. 


The only thing more haunting then the score, is the simplicity. It always holds up. I have watched it so many times, and I never tire of it. 


Divine absolutely owns this. I love all of Waters' films, but it always goes back to this one for me. 


There is basically no blood in this, yet I always remembered it as one of the goriest films ever made. This is one of the few movies that actually fucked with me the first time I watched it. Granted I was young as shit, but was already pretty versed in horror. I felt dirty after, and I loved it. 


It had to be this. This movie does things to me I can't describe. 

Thanks to everyone for going with me on this epic journey. Film has always, and will always be a huge part of my life. I could have done a top 1500, but hey. I didn't want to be excessive. 

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