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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tromeric's Top 500: 175-141


What a twist. One of the first VHS I ever owned a legit copy of as a kid. It has always been one of my favorite covers, and it just has that sleazy feel I love. 


So ahead of its time. Mitchum is so goddamn creepy. 


One of those movies I can't look away from if it is on. Possibly Fincher's most beautiful film.


Everything rules. The score, the zombies, the story, the thought of being locked in a mall turns me on. 


The most under appreciated eighties comedy of all time. So few people seem to have seen this. I can put it in anytime, and I will laugh my fucking ass off from start to finish. Also, Joe Spinell has a small role in it. 

The gooiest movie ever. Such great atmosphere, but lets be honest. It's all about the melting. 


Amazing quotes, zombie babies, zombie sex, and buckets, and buckets, and buckets of blood.


Hannibal hypnotizes me. This movie gives a feeling I can't explain, but I know I like it. 


Completely different from the first, which I am fine with. I love the sleaze factor in the first. This is just a fun fucking slasher with some of the best kills in a slasher. It also has the most headbanging soundtrack ever. 


In the distant future of 1997.... Snake will fuck you up, if he needs to. Carpenter kills it as usual, as well as everyone involved. 


The intro had me hooked quicker than a boob in Cannibal Ferox. Then it just gets better. The score owns, it has such an amazing uneasy feeling, and some great "what the fuck?" moments.


Marco! Polio! Very few times have I laughed as hard as I did the first time I saw this. The entire house couldn't breath we were laughing so hard. I had to hit play again as I missed so much from laughing. Put this shit in and have a blast, just don't bring any sake.

One of the most pretentious films I have ever seen. I eat it up. So bizarre. 
Whenever I want to eat mushrooms, and don't have any. I pop this bitch in. 

This is what you want, this is what you get, and what you get is a badass movie with great effects, and an even better score. 


Hanging priest. Sold. 


Soccer moms killing bitches, and it's directed by John Waters. Of course I love this. I also really want some pussy willows for some reason. 


Probably Anger's most accessible film. Soundtrack was done by one of the Manson Family, and Marianne Faithfull is in it. Definitely better on drugs, but enjoyable regardless. 


Bat shit! Brutal, fun, bizarre, sexy, hilarious, I could go on. Nobody puts Father's Day in a corner. 


So pretty, and full of some shocking, hardcore gore. 


A team up I was more then happy to have happen. I waited for what felt like forever for this to hit. When it did, I shit, then I watched it again many times. 


Another one I had to wait forever to finally get my eyeballs on. It was definitely worth the wait. 


One of the best openings ever. I watched this on Christmas with my mom, once. It was awesome. 


Not even going to try. If he brings it to your town. Go. 


My favorite of the dead films. I love the claustrophobia, and the effects are sparked up into hyper drive. Also, Bub.


Goddamn I love this flick. I want to hang out in the burbs with this gang of dudes. 


I love both versions, but lean towards the original cut, as that is what I grew up with. 


So creepy and awesome. 


A great exercise in tension building. Also one of my favorite killers.


When Jarmusch is on, he is on. Everyone rules in this, but I especially love Tom Waits. 


This triple dick monster has to enter my eye holes pretty frequently.


I love the blood in this, plush watching woman shower in it helps. The music rules, and it is funny as fuck. Funny fuck. 


Dr. Frankenstein has never been so cute. The bloody milk scene makes me feel funny in my pants. 


Keeping people out of the ocean since 1975.


I really want that milk dispenser in my house. 

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