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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tromeric's Top 500: 140-101


I believe I was in fourth grade when I rented this the first time. I watched it with my neighbor, who I had a huge crush on. I forgot she was there, as I was so hooked(pun only slightly intended) on what I was seeing. It has stuck with me ever since. The feel, and the effects blow me away every time, not to mention how amazing Doug Bradley is. 


This makes me more uneasy than watching a priest walk though a playground. 


My favorite of the Puppet Master films. It is the prequel, and it rules. I remember the first time I watched this was at a friends house. His dad worked for a chip distribution company, and we ate like four million bags of the Jalapeno chips, or at least close to that. 


This is the first movie I remember rewinding the second it finished. I had picked it up on my home from school, and fell in love quick. I of course watched the Dokken video a few times, then rewound that shit, and played it again. Eventually once I had my own copy, the video, and naked nurse part where curiously more faded then the rest of the tape. 


The soundtrack, and the lipstick. Do I need to go on? I didn't think so. 


I know many hate Zombie on principal. I don't. I even liked his Halloween remakes. This though, blows me away. It is relatively new, and has already been shoved in my retinas a billion times. The score is haunting, and it is absolutely beautiful.


My favorite non vampire, vampire movie. Also my favorite Rollin film. The only thing more beautiful than the girls, is the blood flow.


The score, the actors, the fight scene. You get it. 


The film that got me hooked on Troma. I caught it on USA Up All Night one late night, and have been an avid supporter since.


The peep hole scene. 


So many amazing scenes, and possibly the best score of any Fulci film. 


Perfectly cast, and funny as hell. 


I ignored this for a long time while perusing the video store wall. The cover made me think it was an ICP video or some shit. Then one of my friends told me to check it. I did, I shit, I fell in love, and have been a Mendez fan ever since. 


Cronenberg never disappoints me. This is one of his most unsettling for me. I love it. The effects are so good, and it creeps me the fuck out.


My favorite backwoods, backdoor action. 


I love how little the Bride is actually in this. Such a fun, pretty movie. 


Wynorski is a God, Cirino's score slays me, and Killbots for life. 


This came out at the perfect time for me. It is such a pretty movie, and the soundtrack still holds up(mostly). 


Sometimes when I get drunk I put the soundtrack on and try and Predator crawl down stairs. It usually is hilarious, but hurts.


This was the first Friday film I ever say, in fact, it may be the first horror film I ever saw. It is the first one I remember at least. Over time it has become my favorite. It is so sleazy, and has the most, and the best kills. It has the best nudity. Most hate it. I get it. It's not actually Jason. If you need me I will be enjoying myself over here. You can go over there and not watch Halloween three while you're at it. 


I can watch this anytime. Definitely my favorite of the Universal Monsters. 


A staple of my video store days. Also my favorite Full Moon movie. Perfect amount of fun, comedy, awesome creatures, and amazing music videos. 


I will always love the original, but this came along and swept me off my feet. The humor is amped up, the gore, the social commentary. Not just a great Troma flick, but a great film in general.


Gary Oldman is so good in this. Definitely questionable on the reality of the story, but luckily. It's a movie.


I never thought I could love this movie anymore, then I saw the Cabal cut. Either way though. This is my favorite Barker flick. 


I love Serial Killers, so this was a must watch just because of the subject matter. It exceeded every expectation. So brutal, and the acting impresses me every time I watch it. 


My favorite Bogus Journey spoof. 


My insane fear of heights makes this a rough one to watch. That is part of why I love it so much. The other reasons can all be narrowed down to Hitchcock. 


Thanks to this, I will never not give a reach around. 


So goddamn creepy and beautiful. 


Seeing this in the theater is the closest I have ever come to an epileptic seizure. I love DMT. 


H.G. Lewis at his most entertaining. The kills are so good. 


The most beautiful vampire movie. I could watch the pool scene on repeat for the rest of my life. 


The amount of times I watched this when I first bought the DVD is pure insanity. It rekindled my love for Troma. Not that I ever lost it, but it sparked it to a whole new level. 


My jaw was touching the floor the whole time I watched this. 


Goddamn! The amount of times I watched this growing up. It does this weird thing to me, where even though I have seen it a hundred times. It feels like the first every time I pop it in. 


I bought this DVD in Florida while  I was on a cross Country adventure. As soon as I made it home, it didn't leave my DVD player for like a month. I would also be lying if I didn't say that it opened up my brain to a few directors that have since become favorites of mine. 


After waiting for what felt like forever. I finally got to see this bitch. It gives me all of the feels. I watch it every Halloween, and usually in between.


Nuns, guns, and gasoline. That is all the trailer had to tell me, and I knew I must see this. It lived up to everything I had hoped. 


Inside is my favorite movie about late term abortion. It has some of my favorite looking blood in any movie as well. Basically perfect. 

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