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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tromeric's Top 500: 100-51


I heard stories of this film long before it was finished. I wanted to see it, but I just couldn't get my hands on it. Then one lucky day I found out it was finally being completed, and coming to DVD. I got my ass up at the crack of noon and went and picked up a copy. I have been in love ever since. Seeing it in the theater when it was re released was one of my favorite movie going experiences.


Holy shit I love this movie. I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with talking animal movies. It's a sickness, but a sickness I love to roll around in. This is the best. Watch out for Birdzilla, and don't forget that cats rule, and dogs drool. 


I can't help but get lost in this. 


Probably my favorite role for Divine. Also rad to have Tab Hunter along for the ride. 


I like sex and car crashes, and watching people fuck open wounds. So what? 


I can watch this anytime. It is beautiful, but also insanely terrifying. 


Definitely one of the most interesting zombie films. Beautiful ladies, amazing zombies, hilarious, and some amazing gore. 


Peckinpah's masterpiece. 


Somehow this is Von Trier's most accessible film. Sure it's longer than Ron Jeremy, and deals with some pretty graphic subject matter, but it made me less suicidal than usual with Von Trier. The entire cast kills. 


If Crispin comes to town, go see this. It is unlike anything you have ever seen, and probably ever will. I was hypnotized the entire time. 


This is the first of the series I ever saw. I bought it at a comic shop out of their used bin. I wasn't really sure what I was in store for, but was instantly in love. Later I would get older and watch all of them, but as far as sequels go. This is the shit. 


Gasper Noe makes me sick. I love him for it. 


Atkins is the shit. This movie is so much fucking fun. I especially love the Stryper graffiti. 


I never tire of this. I will never understand the hate this film gets. I get it. It is nothing like the first. So what? It is non stop hilarity. I shit every time I watch it. It makes me want to go off and direct Good Burger, and kick poodles. 


Bresson has a way about him I can't explain. He can make the most boring movies, yet have me gluing my eyes open to not miss a second. The first time I watched this, it was really late, and I had to be up really early. I put it on thinking that it would knock me out. Subtitled courtroom drama. Wrong. I couldn't look away. You would think I was watching an orgy with Jesus, Naomi Watts, and a Unicorn. 


The achievement alone guarantees this a spot, but the fact that I get sucked in from the second the film starts makes it all that more impressive. 


I initially wasn't a huge fan of this entry. Over time I have grown to love it though. I love that they were able to use all the unused footage from the first one. It gave it a real authenticity. 


Engrossing me in a world where the only set design is a piece of chalk will always impress me. The fact that Nicole Kidman says some gangster ass shit just adds to it. 


This movie got me pregnant, then aborted the child with its bare hands. 


Another sequel that people love to hate. I will stand by this to my death. JCB took everything I love about Ghoulies and multiplied it by a million. Having them talk took it to whole new levels of hilarity. I hadn't lived before I saw Ghoulies go on a panty raid, or raid the beer fridge. 


Have you ever pulled a boat over a mountain for a film? I didn't think so. That is one of a million reasons that Herzog is better then you. 


I love getting lost in Malick's worlds. Shit is hypnotizing. 


One of Godard's lesser talked about masterpieces. So beautiful. 


Gut wrenching for sure. I saw this at a theater with a torn screen, and seats that I imagine have had more semen on them then Steph Infection's sheets. It only added to the sick feeling this gave me. I loved every second off it. 


I still can't believe they took such a beautiful film, and made a Rom-Com-Dram out of it.


When one of the chapter is called "God Killing Himself" it is safe to assume I am going to love it. The fact that it is pretty, and disturbing beyond my wildest dreams definitely helps though. 


Catherine Deneuve crushes me in this. So good. 


So sleazy and awesome. Russ Meyer is one of the only people that can make me appreciate big boobs. 


Probably my favorite gore in any Fulci film. The fact that I still love this, even with that kids annoying ass voice should speak volumes about how awesome it is. 


Hitchcock's sleaziest flick, so of course it is one of my faves. 


If you haven't noticed, I love movies that make me feel like shit. This one definitely does the trick. 


I have been in love with this since I was dick high. Never ceases to entertain the shit out of me. Also, The Dickies rule. 


In Heart of Glass, Herzog hypnotized the cast. It creates such a haunting atmosphere, and basically puts me into a trance as well. Basically, it makes me hard. 


Polanski created one of the closest things to a perfect film I have ever seen. 


Rad was my bible growing up, and Cru Jones was my messiah. I wanted to ride Hell Track so bad. 


Sleazy New York cinema is something I always have a soft spot for. This movie makes me feel like I need a shower. I love the Eraserhead looking baby, and the end destroys me. 


Surreal perfection. 


Spinell is so perfect in this. The Savini head shot scene will always go down in history as some of the best effects ever put to screen. It also is one of my favorite posters of all time. 


Catherine Deneuve always amazes me. 


It is still hard for me to believe that Wes Craven made this. He has made plenty of great movies, but none even come close to this, and how sickening, and brutal it is.


It's like two hours of arguing, followed by one of cinemas most disturbing endings. The effects once shit gets real are some of the best. Definitely one of the most intense films I have ever seen. 


I still stand by this being the most terrifying film ever made. I met Travis Walton, the man who wrote the book. I wouldn't call myself a believer, but I definitely believe that he believes.


The prettiest movie ever made. The cinematography blows my brains out. 


I watch this every Halloween, and usually a couple of times in between. It is something I have been doing since the year it was released, and will continue to do until the year I am six feet under. 


The best movie staring a porn star with an arm pit vagina. 


My favorite role for Crispin Glover. It is hard for me to believe that Dennis Hopper made this, and Blue Velvet the same year. Talk about being on a streak.


Trying to explain this to someone who is not familiar with it is not an easy task. If you just give them the premise, it sounds like a cheesy B flick. It is so far from that. The score is one of my favorite's of all time, and the acting is played so straight, even with such insane characters.


My childhood, or at least what I wanted my childhood to be, on film. 


The original midnight movie still holds up as a piece of bizarre history. Brutal and surreal. 


The juxtaposition of corpse fucking, and beautiful piano music excites me in ways I should probably not admit. 

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