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Monday, April 2, 2012

Guts and Grog's first contest

OK. We have our first official contest and let me tell you this prize is gonna look so good on your wall. Jeremy Gaulkenstein of Critters and Gods(who created our wonderful logo) has done an 11 by 17 one of a kind print of his interpretation of The Asylum's modern masterpiece of creature film making 2 Headed Shark Attack. It will be numbered 1/1 and signed by him. Look at the picture to the left and give yourself time to stand up and follow these simple rules to enter. Go to Critters and Gods and follow him on there, then go to his Facebook and like his page. After you have done at least one of these things(preferably both) leave a comment below with your favorite Asylum film's title and an actor you want to see in an Asylum movie. That is it. On April 17th I will do a drawing with everyone that has followed these simple rules and pick the winner. There will also be a second drawing for the runner up who will receive a complete set of Critters and Gods and depending on how many entries there are I may give out some single issues. Keep looking at that print, head over to Critters and Gods and check out all his amazing work. 



SonOfCelluloid said...


That print is truly bad ass. Lets see, if we're going with actual GOOD Asylum movies, my favorite would have to say Freakshow. If we're talking "so bad it's good," probably Death Racers. I'd love to see Bruce Campbell in one of the giant killer animal flicks. Mega Pirhana vs Ash maybe.

Mr. Gable said...

Holy shit, 2 Headed looks AMAZING! I'm in.

Favorite Asylum Movie title: probably that upcoming Nazis from the Center of the Earth. Favorite movie I've seen so far: Mega Pirahna. You just can't beat that bicycle kick scene.

Actor I'd like to see in an Asylum movie: Billy Blanks. That guy needs to lay off the Tae Bo and get Back in Action. (Get it?)

Robocop said...

That shit is ridiculous, and I mean that in a good way.

I like Stuart Gordon's King of the Ants a lot. And I have a soft spot for Zombie Apocalypse.

I want to see Asylum do a buddy cop movie with Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen.

Micah said...

Micah from 365horrormovie

The Haunting of Winchester House. One of the more hilarious entries they've ever done. Everything about it is genius.

I'd like to see Dolph Lundgren and Mr. T in some sort of futuristic dystopian boxing movie. Think equal parts Rocky and Rollerball (or any sport where people die), but with boxing.

Unknown said...

I've always thought "MEGA SHARK VS CROCOSAURUS" just has a nice ring to it! Haha.

And I second the idea to have Bruce Campbell star in one of these films.

Guts and Grog Reviews said...

@ Unknown I need some kind of way to know who you are in case you win. Email address or something.

Unknown said...

Crap! Sorry... "Unknown" is just me, Will Penny from

I'm new to posting on here, so I'll try to update my profile!

Guts and Grog Reviews said...

No worries man. Just want to make sure everyone is able to be contacted.

Gabe Nye the Science Guy said...

I have to say my favorite Asylum movie is Mega Piranha. I just can't get enough of the scene where they jump out of the river and explode for no reason.

I would love to see Bruce Campbell in one of their flicks, but I'm going to go a different route and suggest they put Michael Keaton in one of their sex comedies. Maybe he could be the wacky college dean or something.

Jayx315x said...

Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus is my favorite title they did. As far as my favorite movie I'd have to say is Paranormal Entity. I'd love to see more A.J. Bowen in horror movies and or Clint Howard!

Austin said...

Paranormal Entity- it was the first of their mockbusters that I watched, and actually loved it.

Although the blurb about two minutes in about Thomas being arrested for not just the murder of his sister, but rape too set a weird tone.

Besides Paranormal Entity, all the monster movies rule too.

I still havent watched Zombie Apocalypse yet, anyone see it? Worth a view?

As far as actors go? Can we get some 80s wrestlers in these movies? MegaShark VS Ultimate Warrior?? yesplease

Paul Curtis said...

Hmmm...I'd say my favorite Asylum movie would be "Night Orchid" but I'm not certain that one counts. If not, then it's probably "Halloween Night" cuz the "Topsy Turvy" mask always puts a smile on my otherwise blank and inscrutable face.

Who'd I like to see in an Asylum movie? The Aquabats! On the other hand, perhaps they're a better fit for Troma...

Unknown said...

Spectacular!!!! I'm so incredibly thrilled at this artwork. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Fuck the Oscars, this is the best award we can get -- FAN APPRECIATION (it's so rare, you see)!!!! You guys rock!

Now make this a T-Shirt so I can proudly wear it!

(Producer, all things Asylum...)

playdead said...

Maybe not the "coolest" movie of them all, but I enjoyed 2010: Moby Dick, truly thought it was a solid movie all the way around. I had tried reading the book a few times a couple years back and it put me to sleep every damn time, they could definitely teach Herman a thing or two about moving a story along... hahaha

My love for Videodrome pushes me to say James Woods for my choice of an actor. Not realy sure what in, but as long as he gets to be a delusional smart ass I'll be happy. That is if he's not already too busy doing episodes of Family Guy... ooh, piece a candy!

Shit Movie Fest said...

Mega Piranha for the title I like most.

Clayton Rohner for an actor who needs work and would be a great fit in their next Mockbuster!