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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Martyrs- Pascal Lauger

I now have seen this film roughly seven times, the first time I watched a import that didn't have subtitles and even in that form I was blown away. I'm not suggesting this although this movie isn't very dialogue driven you still kind of need to know whats being said. Visually stunning and so fucked up it gives three guys one hammer a run for its money. This also defies definition, is it horror? Is it gore? Is it home invasion? Is it torture porn? Is it an existentialist masterpiece? Its like if Johnny Cash, Nausea, Those poor bastards, Sage Francis and Burzum teamed up for a We are the World singalong. Your head may explode if you imagine this and to be fair your head may explode from watching Martyrs. This is a rare example of film that will have people arguing for years to come.



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