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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Black Roses- John Fasano

One of the few Heavy Metal Horror Films and certainly one of the best aside from Trick or Treat of course why may be the best Rocksploitation film ever made. Black Roses are sweet with the power of Robert Sweet and the Faces of the feebles they are out to fuck shit up. This is one of those movies you just put on and enjoy, the effects cost 10 dollars and they rule. The monsters may not feel threatening but you don't give a fuck the creature from things comes out of a record player and without even moving manages to kill a soprano. That's talent. Lizzy Borden supplies a couple of the films songs which is sweet, the score however is provided by Wesley Willis. Crazy titted bitch turns into Andre Agassi and cuts a bitch. Poetry Teacher loves Burt Reynolds and is real sneaky in his Marty Mcfly Vest. Don't analyze this shit, just watch it and be happy it exists. I know I am.



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