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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Final Destination- David R. Ellis

Basic idea of a Final Destination movie. Great kills, bad movie. Works for me. I have enjoyed all of them, sure they are the same thing over and over, sure the writing is mediocre at best, sure its completly unbeleivable, but guess what? I dont give a fuck. Like I said the kills are awesome, and this is no exception. The fourth installment brings us something new and something old, something new being 3D, something old being David R. Ellis, the same man that brought us part two, which is my favorite of the bunch, he also brought us the classic of modern cinema, Snakes on a plane, and for that I thank him. Now down to business. The 3D is fucking awesome, the whole time I felt like I was right there getting the shit killed out of me along with these douche bags. The one thing that would of made it work even more is if the cars had smashed the baby in front of me to get it to shut the fuck up, but that's for a different time. You know the formula, if you want to expand your mind, wrong place dude. If you wanna see crazy redneck dude get jasper texased while hes trying to burn lowercase T's on the lawn of a rich security guard, or see Zack Morris get Obliterated than check this out, its fucking fun as shit.



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