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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Kids Aren’t Alright: A Serbian Film & Dogtooth

I was going to title this, Kids Get Fucked, but I took a lesson from Texas and didn’t want any police suspicion nor 5 months in jail. 

When I heard that the Master of the Grog was going to do an extreme themed week, I said “well I might as well go as extreme as possible”. Kids are that extreme. Most of you reading this will have watched these films already, so no recap here, but my god do these kids get fucked up. Literally and psychologically. I watched them back to back, to really solidify the extremity. 

First up was A Serbian Film. I chose physically fucked up first. A Serbian Film, written, produced, and directed by Srdan Spasojevic, begins with a little psychological oedipal shit, the son watches a porn starring his father Milosh. He then goes on to talk about how it made him feel like there were wheels turning “down by his willy”. Turned on by your father’s porn? The serbs know how to introduce. A half-hour in we watch as a pubescent girl witnesses her mother suck Milosh’s dick, in a room in an orphaned children’s home. After an hour we get our the second, and by all accounts most disturbing child destruction, the fetus-fuck sequence. Not only do the screams sound genuinely painful, but the mother is smiling and the “doctor” sure seems to enjoy it. After this video is played the director shouts “Newborn Porn!”, as if its going to be the next big thing. I dunno maybe it will be. Finally Milosh gets all doped up with bull testosterone and goes on a rampage, culminating in a horrifying greek tragedy where the father ends up fucking a near-comatose son, and his brother fucks his wife. Then lots of murder, including a missing-eye-hole-fuck-kill, all of which the son is watching, and then a very comforting suicide at the end. Even though the tagline was “Not All Movies Have a Happy Ending”, the suicide seems like a relief after everything else that happened, going from a somewhat-normal family to a “real happy Serbian family” as the director says at the end. Serbian kids got it tough. 

After recovering slightly from war-torn Eastern Europe, I put in Dogtooth, a Greek film by Giorgos Lanthimos, which takes the physical brutality of A Serbian Film and turns it into psychological torture. The film begins with the three nearly-adult children learning “the words of the day” from a tape made by their mother, one word being “sea: a leather armchair”. The 3 children have never left their fenced in home, and are taught that airplanes fall out of the sky. The only outside influence is a security guard the father works with, who is brought home to fuck the son (presumably to have a child), but when she gives one of the girls a VHS (and the girl subsequently quotes every line from it), she is beaten with a VCR by the father. That didn’t last long. Once that experiment is over the father just makes the eldest daughter have sex with the son, just a little incest to keep the family alive. The children are rewarded for good behavior with stickers, and they are told that their brother lives on the other side of the fence. When a kitten makes it into the yard it is promptly killed and the kids are told that it killed their brother and that it is the “most dangerous animal on earth”. The only thing these kids have to look forward to is freedom once their right Dogtooth falls out, the eldest girl is really impatient and just knocks it out with a 5-pound weight. She hides in her father’s car, and although she is never shown exiting the trunk, we can assume she will eventually. The confinement seems almost Nazi-like, and the children are entirely at their parents control, until the desire to be free becomes to much, I guess. 

One thing’s for sure, the kids got fucked in these films. Whether it be in the ass or in the brain the kids will never be the same. As for extreme, they fit the bill, nothing says extreme like Newborn Porn or bashing out one’s own tooth, it was a bloody child mess.

- Peter Poison

Peter lives at the house of grog along with Tromeric. While he does not partake of the grog itself, he is heavily involved in the marathons and party's that revolve around it. Originally from New England, he found his way to Portland three years ago. He spends much of his time hiking and fishing in the Washington and Oregon outdoors. He is an artist who has had shows including one at the Lovecraft. He loves Honey Buns, M & Ms, Fritos, Southern Rap, and Doom Metal.

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