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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Grog Invades Crypticon Seattle

Crypticon Seattle is happening again. The main difference is that instead of just attending, I along with Critters and Gods and VonKlingele Kustoms will be a vendor at this years festivities. Click on the Crypticon banner to get all the info, including the amazing guest line up.


 I will also have buttons, posters, and some other odds and ends. 

Now we move onto some of the awesome that Jeremy from Critters and Gods will have for you. This is just a sampling of what he is bringing. Jeremy of course did the grog logo, but on top of that he has all kinds of awesome such as buttons, shirts, posters, cards, zines, and so much more.

Last and certainly not least is a portion of the badassary that Jacob from VonKlingele Kustoms is bringing. He has some amazing one of a kind custom action figures that we will have for sale over the weekend. Here are a few with both original ideas, and based off of films.

 In addition to all of this Alisha VonKlingele will be on hand with some of her homemade horror crafts. If you bring a younger one that our stuff may be to graphic for, we have something for everyone.

As if this wasn't enough reason to come by, I feel like adding one more. Sadistik  will be stopping by and will have some free CD's to give out. He is an old friend of the grog, who has even contributed from time to time, but more importantly he is an amazing musician who is also a lifelong horror fan.

We are going in guns a blazing for our first con. Crypticon is a great con, put on by great people, and I am more than happy to be involved. Come see the amazing guests, see the other awesome vendors, hang out. Come by our booth. We will be there all weekend. We want to talk and bullshit with everyone, hell, maybe we can grab some grog and do things right. Below find out who will be behind the booth. Please come by and say hello.

Tromeric- Co-founder of Guts and Grog.

Jacob VonKlingele- Founder of VonKlingele Kustoms, and sometimes contributor to Guts and Grog.

Jeremy Gaulkenstein- Founder of Critters and Gods, and sometimes contributor to Guts and Grog.

Alisha VonKlingele- Founder of Legend of the Crafter.

Steph Infection- Contributor for Guts and Grog.

Gabe Nye the Science Guy- Contributor for Guts and Grog.

Cody DeLarge- Founder of Sadistik, and contributor to Guts and Grog. 

Crypticon is May 24th-26th. It is going to be amazing. Please if you are in the Northwest, come to this. Click on the Crypticon banner at the top of this post for all the info you need.

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My Arm! Stuff is sweet dude.