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Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Spill Your Guts- James Balsamo

Look at that poster. Makes me feel like I am in a video store in 1988. I would have seen this, and I would of rented the shit out of it. After watching "I Spill Your Guts" I feel like I did go back to 88 and sneak this shit out of Video City.

Two war vets return home. One is liar, and one is almost dead. Well, he wants to stop the liar so he becomes less almost dead and starts killing the shit out of people.

The intro is a little long. Lots of definitions that I knew prior to having them put on screen for me, granted I was pretty intoxicated so maybe I did need them. Some clips are played along that made me feel like I was watching Cinemax back in middle school. Just blurry and shaky, but I am pretty sure I saw some boobs.

My rambling does mean something. "I Spill Your Guts" captures the feel of the eighties shot on video films I used to devour. It is not life changing, but it is fun as shit. It is filled with references to serial killers, horror films, and plenty of other nostalgia. It has some great cameos including Carmine Capobianco, Joe Fleishaker, Tim Ritter, Lloyd Kaufman, Dave Brockie, Andrew W.K., Lynn Lowery, Joel Reed, Jeff Zornow, and many, many more. It has an insane soundtrack that can be off putting at points, but works more for the film than against it. I mean Blood Freak, F.K.U., Ghoul, Impetigo, and Fondlecorpse, and that is such a tiny percentage of the bands on this bad boy.

It may not be a masterpiece, but one thing is evident. James Balsamo understands his fans. Sure the sound may change when it shouldn't, the actors may look at the camera from time to time, but he never takes you as a fool. The blood flows like a post pubescent girl who just ate a bottle of aspirin and the jokes fly at you like watermelon at a Gallagher show. If you miss the times of when names like Tim Ritter, Buddy Giovinazzo, Wally Koz, and  Kirk Alex shined at your video store, get some grog, and spill your guts. 


- Tromeric  

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