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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sadistik on Music, Film and Grog

Sadistik is an Independent hip-hop artist from Seattle, WA who also happens to be a big fan of horror and film in general. This shows through his music and some of his videos. I was able to sit down with him with my bottle of Evan in hand and pick his brain over everything from his upcoming album to the current state of horror cinema. 

Tromeric: Fulci or Argento?

Sadistik: Argento!

Tromeric: Your reasons?

Sadistik: Argento is one of my favorite directors ever. He's probably the director I revisit the most and I still never get tired of his films. I love Fulci too, but I think budget limitations marred some of his movies. When he had a decent budget he was great.

Tromeric: Freddy or Jason?

Sadistik: Jason.  Freddy Krueger got a little too campy later in the series for me. It's still fun, but I like how Jason always gets right down to business.

Tromeric: Leprechaun or Chucky?

Sadistik: Leprechaun, hands down. I've seen the Leprechaun movies more times than I'd care to admit. The first Leprechaun is the zenith of Jennifer Aniston's career as far as I'm concerned.

Tromeric: There is nothing wrong with that. If I made it known how many times I had seen the Critters series I would lose a lot of friends.

Sadistik: Critters 3 is the zenith of Leonardo DiCaprio's career too.

Tromeric: Very true. While we are on this subject what would your favorite "So bad it's good" film be?

Sadistik: Oh man, that's a tough question. Troll 2 is the immediate favorite. I think Chopping Mall and Zombie Holocaust should be mentioned too, though.

Tromeric: All excellent. Alright, lets move on as I could do this all day. You are in the select few lucky enough to have seen the grog(IE me) in action in full grog motion. Care to share any stories that I may not be quick to share with the world?

Sadistik: I think the time I came to your party just in time to catch you beer-bong a full fifth of tequila straight and trip on your fence to sprawl out on your yard is a pretty good anecdote of how The Grog gets down.

Tromeric: I vaguely remember that. Since everyone knows I prefer to watch my films with a bottle in hand I was wondering your take. Do you like watching films sober or intoxicated? Or does it depend on the film?

Sadistik: I think it depends on the film for me. When I've got whiskey in my system I tend to watch older schlock movies instead of ones I take more seriously.

Tromeric: So I know you have a new album in the works. Are you able to tell us when we can expect that?

Sadistik: I do have a new album coming out called "Flowers for My Father." I can't give an exact release date yet, but it's just about finished and should be available relatively soon. I'm really excited to finally show people what I've been working on for so long.

Tromeric: When you're writing are you inspired by film or music more? Or is it not really from any of that?

Sadistik: I definitely think it's both. Well, everything actually: books, experiences, etc. Obviously music I enjoy would be a more direct and literal influence on my own music, but my passion for movies definitely finds its way into my music constantly. I make a lot of hidden allusions to my favorite movies. I don't know how many people will catch them but I still like to do it. I think it shows in my videos as well. That video I wrote and directed called "Higher Brain" is largely influenced by Gaspar Noe and Dario Argento, for example.

Tromeric: When I look at the three albums you have put out they are very different. I mean of course there are similarities but they are almost their own entity. Is "Flowers for my Father" gonna kinda fit into any of those or is it going to be off on its own as well?

Sadistik: That's a good question. Flowers for My Father is basically the true follow up to my first record "The Balancing Act." The last two albums I released were collaborative efforts (with Kid Called Computer and Kristoff Krane, respectively), but this one is completely me. I had a very distinct idea of how I wanted the production on this one and what I wanted everything to sound like. I think it's a more evolved version of what I've shown in the past.

Tromeric: I know a lot has to be hush hush, but is there anything you can let us know on what we can expect? Themes/ Guests? If not fully understandable.

Sadistik: Well, the production is mainly by Blue Sky Black Death, Eric G. from 9th Wonder's label, and Kno from CunninLynguists. I also have a song with Cage and CunninLynguists as well. That's all I can really announce right now.

Tromeric: Nothing wrong with just giving a little taste. I know many including myself are very excited for this.

Sadistik: Thanks man. I'll try not to disappoint.

Tromeric: Well I will finish up with a couple more questions than I need to draw a winner for this contest I am running.

Sadistik: Sounds good.

Tromeric: Is there any hope for new horror films to break barriers or change cinema? I don't mean just shock I mean overall or is everything just being recycled?

Sadistik: Man, that's a tough question. I don't think anybody is really going to reinvent the genre, but I think there's a lot of innovation going on right now and that will continue to go on. I think this new wave of French horror is a more intense version of some things that have already been done. I also think that some films are blurring genre boundaries a little bit more. Recent movies like Enter the Void, Kill List, etc. aren't really classifiable as horror but they have horror elements to them. I also like how a new trend is to throwback classic periods of horror like grindhouse and exploitation films. I think this newer wave of the genre is getting smarter and smarter.

Tromeric: Alright I will end with two questions. Off the top of your head Top Five Films and Top Five Musicians? Go!

Sadistik: Ah, shit. Off the top (in no order): A Clockwork Orange, Oldboy, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Eraserhead, and Rosemary's Baby. Musicians: Radiohead, Eyedea & Abilities, Nine Inch Nails, Cage and Sage Francis.

Tromeric: Criterion just announced "Rosemary's Baby" and I have a feeling they are doing "Eraserhead" as it just showed up on their Hulu channel.

Sadistik: I know! I'm so excited for Rosemary's Baby. I just grabbed Polanski's Cul De Sac the other day.

Sadistik: I'm changing my answer to: Looney Tunes Movie, Psycho remake, Mac and Me and Dunston Checks In.

Tromeric: Hahahaha! Well thanks a lot for doing this man.

Sadistik: For sure, thanks for having me.

Make sure to hit up his page and Facebook to keep informed on all the happenings going on with tours and record releases. I would also like to take this time to announce that Sadistik will soon be a featured contributor here at the grog under the moniker "Cody DeLarge."  If you haven't had a chance to check the video for "Higher Brain" which he wrote and directed I have included it for your viewing pleasure. 


 - Tromeric


Mister Bones said...

Great review, and thanks for introducing me to the music. Dude has some serious talent, I dig it.

Hector Soriano said...

You spelled answer wrong :D
Great interview and awesome questions. You guys just added some films for me to watch!