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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top 20 Albums Of 2013: From The Journal Of Tromeric

Music has been as much a part of my life as movies for as long as I can remember.  In fourth grade I bought a bunch of sweet tapes from a Walden Books. I know I got Scorpions "Virgin Killer" and Alice Cooper's "Raise your Fist and Yell." My mom got an angry phone call due to me playing Virgin Killer in class.  Squares. Anyways, I have always sought out as much music as I can devour, never specific to one genre, just as long as it sounded good in my ear holes. This year was full of awesome all over the board. Enough ramblings, I bring top twenty albums of 2013.

20. Gorguts- Colored Sands

A great return for one of Death Metal's best. Technical, brutal, and amazing. Just check this track and let your ears be pounded like that girl you knew in high school. 

19. Jungle Rot-  Terror Regime 

More Death Metal makes the list. Jungle Rot brings on the terror. I saw these guys with Decide last year. So heavy and awesome. Definitely made its rounds at the house of grog. 

18. Queens of the Stone Age- Like Clockwork

I have a love it or hate it relationship with these dudes. A couple of their albums have blown me away, the rest have bored me. Luckily, and surprisingly to be honest, I absolutely loved this one. A bit slower than some of their previous work, but it just hits right. 

17. Nails- Abandon All Life

So fast and in your face. The album caps out at seventeen minutes, but you will feel like you just had the most brutal, longest sexual experience of your life. Like an all day fuck fest, probably without your consent. Was hoping to see these guys with Godflesh back in October, but the tour was postponed. You need this in your life. 

16. Bloody Hammers- Spiritual Relics

The second album is fun from start to finish. I was a bit slow to get into these guys. I had heard a bit, and wasn't sure how I felt. I liked the music, but the vocals didn't sit right with me. Then this year I saw they were touring with Church of Misery, so I decided to pick up their sophomore record. To my surprise, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Definitely curious where they go on their next record. 

15. Nine Inch Nails- Hesitation Marks

By all accounts I am not sure why I am such a fan of Nine Inch Nails. Some of his earlier stuff isn't the stuff of love for me, but in his later career he has sold me. During his hiatus he did a couple of scores that were mind blowing. I mean he made a movie about Facebook exciting with his haunting score. That's talent.  This is his first album since 2008 as Nine Inch Nails, and overall it is a pretty solid record. A couple misses, but generally bad ass. Oh, and David Lynch directed a video for the first single. That alone sells me. 

14. Gwar- Battle Maximus 

Gwar is back at it. An obvious tribute to their fallen guitar player, as well as just a bad ass album. So many great singalongs and anthems. This record definitely fits nicely next to all the other Gwar albums. 

13. RVIVR- The Beauty Between

The first and only pop punk record to make the list. Not typically a genre of music I am a fan of, but as per most things, there are exceptions. I have been a fan of these guys since their first EP. Nice to finally have a full length to jam on. 

12. Cage- Kill the Architect

The first hip-hop record to make the list. I have been a fan of Cage for years now. This album is great, and dark, even for Cage.

11. ASG- Blood Drive

This is another band that I had heard a lot about, then when I listened to them was very underwhelmed. Then I was headed to see Weedeater and saw they were touring with them. At the show, my mind was changed. They straight killed it live. A lot heavier than I assumed based off what I had heard. Since the show, like Scarface, this has definitely been on repeat.

10. Rob-Maniac(OST)

When I first heard about this remake I was more than worried. Maniac is one of my all time favorite movies. How could Frodo encompass such brutality and badassary? I mean Spinell is a God. I sat down and popped this bitch in, expecting to be angry the whole time. Well, I was wrong. I will definitely admit it. This is by far one of the best remakes ever. They don't try and copy Spinell, this is definitely its own beast. Not only is the movie stellar, but the score and soundtrack are by far at the top of my favorites in recent years.

9. Autopsy- The Headless Ritual

Autopsy are gods. Their first full length in sixteen years proves that. I can't turn this beast off.

8. Church of Misery- Thy Kingdom Scum

Japanese doom all about serial killers. That is all I needed to hear back in the day to know that I must check out this band. Since then I have continued to love all of their shit. I saw them last year and they blew my fucking brains out. Scum is another hit for sure. 


7.  Secret Chiefs 3: Book Of Souls: Folio A

I was lucky enough to see these guys with Goblin earlier this year. Outside of Alan Howarth, John Carpenter,  or Fabio Frizzi, there are only two other bands I can think of(Zombi, Umberto) that could pull that off. This is the second part of the "Book of Truth" trilogy. Like all of their stuff, each song is its own entity, hell, even parts of each song. One of the highlights is a cover of Carpenter's Halloween. Planned chaos that gives me a huge ear boner. 

6. Coffins- The Fleshland

Coffins never cease to amaze me. This album is no exception. Se heavy, sludgy, and addicting. Japan's doom gods are back. 

5. Shadow of the Torturer- Dronestone

Sludgy, doomy, drony, awesome, and it's all about Jonestown. With members of Bell Witch, Aldebaran, Weregoat, and Splatterhouse you know this is going to punch you right in the dick, and you are going to ask for more. How often do you ask for more dick punches? Yeah, it's that awesome. 

4. David Lynch- The Big Dream

I have been obsessed with Lynch as a filmmaker as long as I can remember. I was curious when I heard about his foray into music. I was a huge fan of his first record, so I of course shot up to the record store on release day and bought that shit up. To my happiness I was just as in love with this as the first. 

 3. Umberto- Confrentations  

I was late to the game with these guys. Luckily I rectified that this year.  I picked up all their stuff and fell in love. This is definitely a must listen. 

2. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Push the Sky Away

Oh, it is nice to be excited about a new Nick Cave record. It has been a Christ age since I felt more than mediocrity from the bad seeds. Luckily for me, this tears it up. Reminded me how much I love Nick Cave. Makes me even more excited for the show in July, especially as I haven't seen him since 94. 

When it came down to number one, I couldn't decide between two records. Two records that have been out the longest, and that I have been unable to last more than three days without listening. Two records that are worlds apart in style, but similar in feeling of dread and happiness, and the juxtaposition between the two.  Now lets get to it. The two number one records of the year are....

1. Sadistik- Flowers for my Father 

His first full length since "The Balancing Act" is one of the records of the decade. The smartest, most original, darkest, most beautiful hip-hop out there, and there is a Trash Humpers sample, and plenty of horror references on top of that. I could write an essay on this, but instead, I just urge you to pick yourself up a copy, spark up, and put the headphones on. 

1. Light Bearer- Silver Tongue  

Holy fucking shit. This album slays me every time. I can't start it, without finishing it. 

There you go. Sound off with your picks, tell me why I am wrong. It's all in good fun. Thanks for reading, and be on the lookout for the year end film round up hitting soon. 


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