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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dear Mr. Gacy- Svetozar Ristovski

     I love Serial Killers.  I have read so many books, constantly  read serial killer calenders articles and look at all their merch with seamen leaking out of little tromeric dreaming of owning all the statues, not to mention all the movies I have spent time watching. There have been some great ones, amazing documentary's, movies like Monster and the Manson family that have blown my fucking mind, and of course all the shitty ones. I mean for Christs sake I watched a movie where fucking Kane Hodder plays Ed Gein. Really?  The thing is I still watched it and would watch it again. I guess what I am saying is I am slightly biased.  With that said, Dear Mr. Gacy is in its own fucking boat.  Its like The Asylums Titanic 2, no Leo love bullshit here just badassary. 
     Dear Mr. Gacy is very dialogue driven. It is based off the book The Last Victim by Jason Moss and is very different than the majority of the Serial Killer movies that have been released.  It is mostly carried by William Forsythe who plays Gacy in a chilling and remarkably realistic fashion. Jessie Moss is also unbelievable as Jason Moss.
     This movie will get under your skin, the letters and conversations had between Gacy and Moss will have you clenching your asshole as if you were playing the oops poops gamble. It is very tension based and is more effective than setting a horse loose in Christopher Reeves house. From start to finish you will cringe at these convo's.  They just keep happening.  You are watching these two men get underneath each others skin but in turn your skin will rip itself off and start making itself into lampshades.  I am rambleing. Gordon and Evan are working it in my bloodstream.  If you want to see some great fucking acting that is equally interesting as it is disturbing give this shit a watch.  We all have a dark side and it is important to delve into it in healthy ways such as reading and watching and studying, otherwise you may become this sick fuck who can only feel alive if your the one that everyone is reading essays on.
     Long story short.  Great acting, disturbing as fuck, interesting and important. 



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