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Thursday, January 20, 2011

It is fine. Everything is fine!- Crispin Glover/David Brothers

    It has been a while since my jackassary caused my computer to fry like Horace Pinker.  Unfortunately my computer didn't come back to life and travel as electricity through the TV.  If it had that is a sacrifice I would of been willing to take.  Anyways,  I am gonna return with a movie that I loved but am not really sure how to review. I was lucky enough to catch a screening of it with Crispin Glover in attendance doing a sideshow and Q and A.   It was a great night all around, I was like a gitty schoolgirl about to get my first deep dicking.  I knew it may have its moments of pain but overall was gonna be unforgettable and amazing. I imagine it is like the joy of finding out you are having a baby, only I wouldn't push Crispin Glover down a flight of stairs. Well now I will attempt to explain this without ruining anything.
     This is a somewhat autobiographical fantasy of its star and writer Steven C. Stewart who you may of seen as the man in the clam shell getting an H.J. from the big titted monkey in What is it?  Wright is in real life and in the film a man with severe cerebral palsy, he is in a nursing home and is pretty hard to understand, at first this is a bit off putting but as the film continues it fades away and becomes about as unimportant as a woman in china. Crispin Glover himself explained this during the Q and A that if he had put subtitles in it wouldn't be as shocking that this man could get so many ladies to fall for his charm.  The first woman he encounters is the amazing Margit Carstensen who you may recognize from many of
Rainer Werner Fassbinder's films. He then moves onto her daughter and just heads down the line, fucking and loving and killing and not always in that order.
    It is fine is surreal at times, but always beautiful, shocking, and absurd. Some may find it hard to get past the language barrier of Mr Wright but anyone willing to will be rewarded with one of the most unique and exciting viewing experiences I have had the pleasure of having. If Crispin makes it to your town I suggest making a night of it, it is like nothing you will have the pleasure of experiencing.



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