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Thursday, September 19, 2013

49 Days of Horror: The First 6 Days(Tromeric)

The 49 days has started. I have been watching as many as possible. My life has a lot more going on in it than it did in 2002 which was the last time I did this marathon. I am watching as many as possible, but can't pump out the 8 to 10 movie a day average I did back then. Still rockin like Dokken. Instead of doing individual reviews for each film, I am going to post random updates with micro reviews.  Many of the films I am watching I have reviewed before, or have seen a hundred times and a full review for each one seems unnecessary.  Well, lets start it off with what I have watched in the first six days.

Friday the 13th VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

This is a movie that the majority of people hate on more than Batfleck. I have always loved this one. It is my second favorite of the franchise. I know it's not perfect. He's hardly is in New York, it is kind of cheesy, and for some reason the New York sewer system is full of toxic waste, but it is so much fun. I never tire of watching this.

The opening is great. Scenes of a trashy, filthy New York with an amazing eighties song playing. Then as everyone knows we spend the majority of the time on a boat. Sure it's not New York, but it is full of amazing kills. Hot rock, Flying V to the face, and so many more. In the last few minutes we finally get to New York. I could go on and on, but all I will say is Jason vs Julius. Shit yeah!


Lone Wolf

An often unspoken rock and roll horror film. Maybe not quite as good as "Trick or Treat" or "Rock and Roll Nightmare," but holds its own along with other classics such as "Monster Dog," "Black Roses," and "Rocktober Blood." The werewolf is solid, the effects are great. Has that eighties, slimy, sleazy feeling I love so much. In the words of one of the characters,
"This isn't Michael J. Fox we're dealing with."


Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers

The first film is a classic. It has a twist ending that would make M. Night's head explode. It is filthy, dirty, and awesome. Then came part two. It is very different in every way. It takes place years after, and Angela is back at camp on a killing spree.

It may not be high art, but goddamn does it rule. The music is so good. I rock the soundtrack religiously. TC's hair is so amazing, it's like a feathered ball sack. The real stars of the movie are the kills. Everyone of them gets my shit rock hard. This is is by far one of my favorite slash 'em up eighties films ever.


Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland

Very similar to the previous entry, but still fun as shit. Full of more great kills and music. The garbage truck opening is excellent. Always a must watch at the house of grog.

 The Abomination

One of the great eighties SOV films. The intro basically shows you the entire story, but then you get to watch the extended cut right after. The bible predicted that the abomination would come and possess old bitches. I assume that all of the worlds serial killers were possessed by the abomination.


House of 1000 Corpses

My least favorite of Zombie's films, but still fun. Basically a music video, but looks cool. Definitely lacking in story, but he made up for that in rejects. I love fat Chris Hardwick, Sherri Moon is super cute in it, and some great kills.


Pet Sematary

A classic for sure. Grew up watching this. Not a perfect adaptation from the book, but a solid effort. Love the cat, reminds me of my cat that passed  a few years back. Herman Munster rules, and the kid is creepy as shit.



A pretty good whodunnit. Remember going to see this is the theater just because it was written by the same guy that did "Jack Frost" 1 and 2. Not perfect by any means, but a fun watch from time to time.


The Devil's Rejects

At the top of my list as far as perfect films go. Such a step up from corpses. I love rooting for the bad guys. So many great quotes. The hotel scene is so amazing and brutal. Literally the only complaint I have in the whole movie is the scene with the nails and Otis' hands. Worst CG blood ever. I don't get it, as the rest of the effects are amazing.



I tend to forget how great and effective this film is. It kind of kicked off the nineties horror, which I generally don't enjoy, but as a stand alone slasher it is pretty goddamn great. The intro is so brutal and awesome. A lot of the kids are fucktards, and outside of Nick Cave, the soundtrack makes me nauseous. but it remains an entertaining watch.


Monsters, INC.

I felt like such a creeper seeing this in the theater. I think I was the only person over 12. Still loved it, just ran before an angry mob of soccer moms mobbed me. The creature designs are great, and is an excellent example of kids horror.


Pet Sematary Two

A truly underrated film. I saw this with Hellraiser 3 as a double bill in 92. I did then, and still do love this film. The cast is great, the kills are amazing, Clancy Brown owns the show, and the sexy dog head with titties turns me on a bit too much.


Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

Another sequel that I love, that is disliked by most. Sure it is nowhere as good as the first two, but it is fun as hell. I love all the stuff with Pinhead on Earth, and the Cenobites may be cheesy, but they look pretty awesome, oh, and the theme song by Motorhead owns.


Scream 2

This one has grown on me over the years. It is by no means perfect, but is an entertaining watch. It is a bit too long. I think it should of been cut down about 15 minutes and it would of played better. The one thing I always think of while watching this is. Do kids really act like that? I don't usually pay attention to shit like that, but there are a couple of scenes that every time I see them I can't help it. The first is the scene in the classroom after the first murder. All the kids are talking sequels and quoting films. It is way to back and forth for a class. The other is the scene were the guy that owned that apartment pulls a "Top Gun" and sings to that bitch from "Party of Five." If I ever witnessed a dude giving up is ball sack that ridiculously, I would give him the hardest dick punch ever.


Scream 3

This one also has grown on me over the years. Some of the kills are great, I like seeing Lance Henricksen on screen always, and the Jay and Silent Bob cameo is entertaining. Overall a passable film, but for a marathon it is enjoyable.


Scream 4

Like the other sequels, this is not perfect, but for a film that came more than a decade after 3 it is pretty solid. I like the younger kids, and the references are pretty solid. It has grown to be my favorite of the sequels over the last couple years.



What can I say about this that hasn't been said. It is pretty damn close to a perfect film. The introduction of the cenobites, the effects, the gore, the quotes. Pinhead is born and I am thankful for it, well until after part 3.


The Cabin in the Woods

This is a fun flick. I don't think I liked it quite as much as most, but I did enjoy the hell out of it. Definitely a fresh take on the genre. Always been a fan of Joss, and you can definitely see his signature all over this.


This is the End

The funniest movie of the year, and has enough horror elements for me to justify watching it. Amazing cameos, the cum argument has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen, and the demons look pretty awesome, especially their members.


Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

A perfect horror comedy. The gore and kills are excellent, but it is funny as shit at the same time. Love the way everything unfolds. A must watch for sure.


Well, not the best numbers, but 20 in six days will do. Gonna try and pick it up over the next 43 days. Been great revisiting some classics that I end up not watching with all the new shit I check out.

- Tromeric

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